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We couldn't wait to invite you to our new and improved user experience with our Nebula 2.0 Beta Program.

By taking the beta approach we will be able to collect your valuable feedback, help our development team with potential issues and even improvements that you as a user would like to see.

Go ahead, click "New post" button and let us know how the new Nebula 2.0 experience works for you!


  • flottmedia
    flottmedia Posts: 56  Ally Member
    Look and feel is nice, however here a few pain points:

    1. IP column Sorting should respect .1 < .2 < .1XX < .2XX.
    2. User specific defaults for "Results per page" and "Last X hours / days" is still not configurable or at least "remembered" by e.g. a cookie.
    3. Are there any quick filtering options for colums or at least plans for that?
    4. "Clickable" IP addresses (linking to http://IP) would be great. 
    5. "Show other devices" can't be activated in Topology view.
    6. There seem to be some issues with non ASCII characters in Manufacturer names, e.g. with a German "ä". 
    7. Additional columns for clients tables (especially for switches and gateways) would be helpful, e.g. PoE power consumption, traffic (in / out) ...
  • flottmedia
    flottmedia Posts: 56  Ally Member

    BTW, what happened to the Mesh option for APs? At least under Site-wide >Configuration >General there is no more configuration option for that. Furthermore, any news or updated schedules on support for NWA1123-AC HD for Mesh?

  • Nebula_Bayardo
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    Hi @flottmedia!

    Thanks for your input, always useful! ? I would like to give/ask feedback for the items mentioned:

    1. Understood, we will try hard to add this sorting soon.

    2. Currently, event log pages will keep the preference about "Results per page". Also, Summary report pages will keep the preferences for "Last X days". For other pages, we have the plan to include them in the near future.

    3. Could you explain a bit more about which quick filters you need? As of current, most of tables already support column filters.

    4. Just want to clarify which page are you referring to?

    5. Other devices can be activated as soon as your nebula devices detect LLDP coming from non-Zyxel devices.

    6. Would you help to provide a screenshot example?

    7. Understood, we will evaluate the information obtained and which columns can be added.

    Regarding Smart Mesh, it has been moved to Access Points -> AP & port settings page. Mesh on NWA1123-AC HD is coming on our next release at the beginning of 2020.

    Thanks again! Hope you enjoy the new Nebula interface ?

  • flottmedia
    flottmedia Posts: 56  Ally Member

    Thanks for the follow-up, @Nebula_Bayardo, and good to hear that some of the features are already on the roadmap. Regarding your questions:

    (2) Especially the client pages would be very helpful here. Maybe a login-based profile setting for the default "to display" settings could also be a sustainable option.

    (3) Maybe primary a question of design and placement of the search / filters. The search clients field is already very helpful. Nevertheless, the detailed search options for searching only specific "columns" seems a little missplaced. More intuitive would maybe be a "quick filter" option on the columns, like e.g. well-known from MS Excel tables. One definitely needed filter would be e.g. the option to display only clients on a specific switch in the client list. As the search function doesn't seem to look into the "Connected to" field this isn't possible at the moment, is it?

    (4) e.g. client lists.

    (5) Hmm ... does that mean you won't include other devices (without LLDP) in the overviews although you have the names from the description field and the connection information based on the ports / MACs?

    (6) Cf. e.g. the last one ("BSH Hausgeräte GmbH") in this list, should be a German "ä":

    Beside that we meanwhile discovered a few more things:

    (8) The forced re-login when opening subpages in new window is not of great help when trying to display things "beside" each other.

    (9) Maybe not only an issue with the beta, but rather with Nebula in general: especially the client list of the switches seems to have a very low refresh rate. Is that somehow configurable?

    (10) Many of the IP(v4) addresses for switch clients are empty in client lists although those clients got DHCP leases or have static addresses. Seems to be an issue with the "Last X hours" setting. When chosing longer timespans the IPs partly appear.

    (11) There still isn't any option to manually "delete" a certain client / MAC history from Nebula lists until the respective client / MAC is connected again.

  • Nebula_Bayardo
    Nebula_Bayardo Posts: 224  Zyxel Employee

    Hi @flottmedia

    Thanks for your input again. Please check the follow-up:

    (2) We plan to keep user preference for these pages in our next release ?.

    (3) Got it. It will be added to our roadmap. Thanks!

    (4) Got it. It will be added to our roadmap. Just be aware that not all clients will have a WEB GUI to be accessed.

    (5) The topology in Nebula is design to show you the networking devices logical topology, so it will not include wireless stations or similar.

    (6) We are checking this issue, thanks for providing the screenshot.

    (8) Nebula is built as a one page application and does not support to open links in other tabs.

    (9) The reason is, current refresh rate for Switch clients is 5 minutes, while the refresh rate for AP Clients and Gateway is 3 minutes.

    (10) Currently the IP address in SW client page is obtained from the Gateway. It is possible that under a shorter period of time, the GW does not detect that switch client (client might be idle or not having internet traffic), so the IP will be empty. We already have the plan to improve the design in coming releases ?.

    (11) We already have the plan to enhance the client pages to separate added clients (not connected) and blocked clients ?.

    Hope you find this information useful and many thanks for your collaboration!


  • William
    William Posts: 1
    Hi, you made a great work =) but there improvements that can be done :

    1. Menus should be reorganised, why not just "Accesses" menu with : administrators, users /cloud authentification / VPN members...
    a) It's confusing that "side-wide" had a cloud authentification where users can be created (but not removable) and another one very similar under "organization-wide" where all options are available
    It's also confusing when clicking inside a menu, it's linked to another (sub)menu, not very logical (and there is no expanded tree showed). 

    b) Clicking over same menu or element, doesn't refresh page.

    c) An indicator to say "changes are effective"  :3 after a modification saved 

    2. "Radio sites" don't  handle several sites, especially if located over several countries (often in Europe)

    3. "Cloud authentication" should be enhanced while :
    a) Facebook sign-in is interesting but not all people have a FB account, and it's not possible to have another way to register/login, not even Nebula authentication (except to create another SSID)
    & Google sign-in / Linkedin ... should be great   ;)

    b) users should be created for all profiles (not only 802.1x access) and relevant data would be used for WAP accesses and so on...

    c) it's not enable to create guests without an email address (maybe in this case, just to redirect to admin's email in order to inform creation/modification?)

    d) Guests should be really guests without temporary or limited access and users should be not guests, but it's the case under Nebula authentication

    e) I have devices that connects directly to wifi (and another which are preferable to connect directly) by filtering their MAC Addresses, but it seems not working. As it seems that guests, MAC... are not usable at same time under a same SSID network
    & an option to attribute/force a fixed IP

    f) an option to attribute a lan or a network directly to user (only created by admin)

    g) more choices of time to reauthentication (rules side-wide not applied to Nebula authentication network) & 30 days is a bit short in my case. Let put some cases to fulfill (hours/days...) or just reauthentication if textes/policies changed

    h) walled garden as MAC addresses should be listed generally or especially (aka for all sites or just for a network...), in both section as users appear with (grant access for one site/ all sites...

    i) an option to auto-deactivate or suppress an profile (user/guest/mac...) if not seen since 6 months (or something like that)

    Hope that's helping everyone  :)
  • Nebula_Bayardo
    Nebula_Bayardo Posts: 224  Zyxel Employee
    Hi William,

    Welcome to the Nebula forum! Glad to see you have great feedback for us. I would like to further clarify some of the suggestions.

    1. Do you mean to combine all those pages (Admin, Cloud auth accounts) into one page?
    It's also confusing when clicking inside a menu, it's linked to another (sub)menu, not very logical (and there is no expanded tree showed). 

    Could you please provide more details of the confusing part? 

    The tree or directory can be found in the top of every page:

    2. Do you mean that not all countries are available in the radio settings?

    3.c) If the email or other identification is not needed in the guest network, the captive portal can be configured as Click-to-Continue. 

    3.d, e, h) Please help to clarify these parts a bit more. 

    Just a reminder that you can see the WiFi client's information (including MAC address) in Access point > Monitor > Clients page. Wired clients can be checked in the Client pages of Gateway and Switch accordingly. The Cloud authentication is purely for access/authentication account management.

    3.f) Do you mean an option to limit the accounts to specific WiFi networks? 

    For the rest, it should be clear enough and we will check the enhancements that can be done. Thanks for your details and the time to point out this, really appreciate it!  :)


  • It would be great if Wifi Tunnel will be supported on NSG and more AP via Nebula.
    Kind regards,

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