What’s New for Nebula APP 2.2?

Zyxel_Lai Posts: 97  Ally Member

The new version of Nebula APP is now available. The new features add additional functionalities, trouble-shooting capabilities, and tech support, making the APP more powerful for users to manage their networks on the go. Here are some important highlights of this update:

1.    Push notifications
- Device offline alert is now free!
- New VPN tunnel disconnection alert

Push notification for device offline alert & VPN tunnel disconnection alert

2.    Wizard
- A walk-through for the first installation
- WiFi settings are now included

Wizard welcome message for first installation                        Wizard walk-through

3.    Live trouble-shooting tools & Switch settings
- Connection test tool to check IP & URL connectivity
- Run cable diagnostic tool on specific switch ports
- Basic switch port settings & PoE schedules

Switch port settings & tools                Device connection test tool 

PoE Schedules

4.    Firmware upgrade
- Instant device upgrade
- Set site-wide upgrade schedules

5.    Tech Support
- Open and reply Support Request cases through APP

Other updates include the captive portal customization, APP layout enhancements, etc. For more information, please go to the newest edition - Nebula APP 2.2.



  • progreccor
    progreccor Posts: 75  Ally Member

    But still can't see the name of the switch ports

  • Zyxel_Jonas
    Zyxel_Jonas Posts: 287  Zyxel Employee

    Hi @progreccor ,

    Please refer to the highlighted part of the screenshot below for the switch port name via Nebula APP 2.2.


    Default switch port name:

    Modified switch port name:

    Have a nice day,


  • Alfonso
    Alfonso Posts: 257  Master Member

    Upgraded and testing.

    It looks nice :)