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Hello all !

We have a NSG50 and i need to take the logs and put on a server to save it. The only way is put a usb stick on the NSG but it's not a good solution for me. I tried a lot of solution :

-Take the file by ftp

-by PowerShell

-HTML and JavaScript, work but it's not automatique and need a human's action.



So i need a solution, someone can help me ?

good day ! :)

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  • Zyxel_Lukas
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    Hello @Socrux,

    sorry for any confusion. It is the IP of our syslog server. I swapped the screenshot and blacked it out.

    So in your case you should enter the IP of your syslog server.

    You can be flexible with your syslog server, as many different systems do support this.

    For example the Zyxel NAS series does support this (page 172:)


    Best regards


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