[NEBULA] "Facebook" & "Facebook WiFi" ?

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Hi there,

Recently I'm trying to use captive portal on Nebula. When I using captive portal, two sign-in methods confused me a bit: "Facebook" and "Facebook WiFi ".

I've tested with these two functions, both of them required users log in with their Facebook account (although "pass code" is the other method in Facebook WiFi). I wonder if there is any difference, or recommended scenario between these two functions.

Thanks in advance.


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    You may check the user guide as below

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    Hi @Richard

    Facebook is one of the most popular social application and our nebula AP includes this kind of log in function.

    Here is the comparison table to share with you first.

    Then let's discuss the scenario.

    1. I have a store and want to collect the customer's information. So I can analyze the statistics to adjust my product to fulfill the custom habit. => For this requirement, you can choose Facebook login. Because when the customer logs in the WiFi, you will receive the customer's Facebook information.

    2. I open a new store and need more people to know where the store is. => For this requirement, you can choose Facebook Wi-Fi. When the customer logs in the Wi-Fi, he will see Facebook fan page first. Maybe you can ask him to say "Like" and post where he is. This is a "Free" advertisement on the Facebook. If you like to talk with the customers, you can choose "Require Wi-Fi code". Let the customer ask you for the passcode. So you will have a chance to start a talk.

    You are also welcome to say "Like" on our Facebook. :)


    Hope this explanation can help.


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