[NEBULA] Why My Radio don't turn off after schedule

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I create different Schedule for different SSID and my is issue is nest : 
2,4 Ghz Radio Turn off, no led on AP ok :+1:
When I check with Acrylic Wifi Radio just Hide :-1:

For 5Ghz Radio turn off (Hide same think with 2,4 Ghz) and Led turn of off 1 minutes and turn on :-1:

Have you got a solution to turn off radio correctly is a very big problem for me and my customer.

Thanks you 

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  • Zyxel_Panda
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    Hi @ben992

    Please provide your org/site name for us and also enable the ZYXEL support privilege as below screenshot.

    And share some screenshots of Acrylic Wifi Radio for clarifying that as well.  
    We will check the configuration and find out the root cause.


    Best regards,
  • ben992
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    Hi Panda,

    Thanks you for your reply  I resolve my trouble sorry for disturb

    Best regards

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