Create a MAC Filtering in speciefied port

Infotecnika Posts: 15  Freshman Member
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Hi! We want to create a MAC Filtering rule for specied fort of a switch (GS1920-24P).  The target is to permit only one MAC address to be connected en each port.

P1 -> Allow only MAC AXXXXXX
P2 -> Allow only MAC BBXXXXX
P3 -> Allow only MAC CCXXXXX

Well, y tried with ACL-> "Customization Rules" , but not sure how to create the rule as we can,t select the affected port (it,s greyed).

What are we doing wrong?

Thank you!

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  • Infotecnika
    Infotecnika Posts: 15  Freshman Member

    Much thanks for yor explanation.  I,ll see the option to install radius server or your workaround proposal.

  • Alfonso
    Alfonso Posts: 257  Master Member
    Hi @Infotecnika

    Keep in mind that MAC Address can be easily spoofed.
    Several ports could need to use the same MAC Address (for example multicast, VRRP, ...) 
    I suggest that your security is not based solely in the MAC Address filters.

  • Infotecnika
    Infotecnika Posts: 15  Freshman Member
    Much thanks for your infor Alfonso,  but we,re making it for IP TVs  and does not have any additional authetication protocols (...just macaddress or vendor_id etc)

    Best regards.
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