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  • Zyxel_Cooldia
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  • Michael_I
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    Thank you. I´ll try it this week.
  • e_mano_e
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    Is the timeout problem fixed now?
  • Michael_I
    Michael_I Posts: 41  Freshman Member
    It´s better, but sometimes we still have a timeout. Furthermore we have a timeout with our pop3-downloader Hexamail since the last update. We get a timeout with hexamail, too. I think this has to do with the zyxel.
  • Michael_I
    Michael_I Posts: 41  Freshman Member

    i checked it in detail. We still have the timeout problem. Ist better than the last firmeware, but it´s still there. No Problems with V4.50(ABFW.0). Since V4.55 there are problems.

    Since V4.55 we have problems with out pop3-downloader, too. We get a timeout from the pop3-downloader. Obviously it cant download the mails properly. It took up to 7 minutes. With V.4.50 everythin went fine. When I deactivate "email security" in V4.55 the pop3 downloader ist working fine.

    -> There is definitifely a problem with the "email security" since V4.55
    -> It´s still there with V4.55(ABFW.0)ITS-WK30-r95234

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