packet capture stop itself after upgrade to 4.39(ABAR.0)

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Upgraded to 4.39(ABAR.0) for a week, the packet capture stop itself after few hours. Anyway to trouble shooting it?

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  • PeterUK
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    By default the it captures 10MB in 2MB splits so maybe you hit the set limit? or you have limited storage?

  • The capture file is saving into a external usb device, so storage is not a issue. I set it up to "Continuously capture and overwrite old ones" and "Save data to USB storage (Available: 6155 MB)"
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    Could you share the following information with us for troubleshooting?
    1. Go to MAINTENANCE > Diagnostics > Packet Capture > Capture > Misc setting and capture the screen shot of the Misc setting.

    2. Go to CONFIGURATION > System > USB Storage and capture the screen shot of storage settings.

    3. Share the web GUI access of the USG20W-VPN with me in private message. 

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