Speedtest of attached WANs Facility

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Feature Request

Native facility to test speed and throughput of the WAN ports.


  • Zyxel_Chris
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    Hello @JeffTowerzey

    Welcome to the Community!😊

    We got your point, but may I know why cannot just simply plug in the laptop to NSG and test with Speedtest, could you please share your concerns or your thoughts to us, thanks.


  • TAPTech
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    This is a GREAT request. We don't always have a laptop or device at client site that we can access. It would be good to have this information. Perhaps a scheduled speed test that the BWM rules are not applied to.

  • Mi0N
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    Hi Nebula / Chris,

    Yes, we hope / request a good way to verify that how bandwidth speed of the gateway can reachable at that time window but by remote where is my office. remember, don't disturb the computer illiterater.

    Mi0N wifi


  • techlogic
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    Please implement this sooner rather than later.
  • Mr_DJ
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    Very good idea, it would be great if you from Nebula Control Center could make the NSG start a native speed test on WAN ports without IDP, AV and other stuff, so you can check achievable bandwidth on the connections, at a specific time.
  • Pook
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    Great idea, as a remote admin this saves time trying to remote on to a machine onsite to run a speed test. I would use this feature a lot.
  • MartyWalter
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    Great idea!  When administering a network remotely without a remote access pc on site, this would help when customers complain of speed issues.  It would also be nice to have the bandwidth speed test ahead of any IDP/AV/CF for true speed tests.

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