VPN100 - Edit Ethernet window won't load for LAN interface after upgrading to 4.60(ABFV.0)

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Web GUI: Configuration - Network - Interface - Ethernet window won't load after upgrading to 4.60(ABFV.0). It stays at "loading" forever.
This applies only to LAN1 and LAN2. SFP, WAN1, WAN2, DMZ and RESERVED are loading fine.

If I fire up javascript console it gives errors on LAN1 and LAN2 popup windows.

This does not happen on other interface edit window. Only Lan1 and Lan2



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    Try another browser or clear your browsing data.
  • bbp
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    Not a browser issue. Tested with latest Chrome, Edge and Firefox, on both desktop (4 machines, 3 windows, 1 Linux) and mobile (2 devices, android 8, 10).

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    Seems to be a bug in javascript.

    Uncaught TypeError: response[("zyshdata" + i)] is undefined
        eachReader xttps://router.intranet.xxx.net/ext-js/app/common/retrieveData.js?_dc=1605741511142:103
        callback xttps://router.intranet.xxx.net/ext-js/app/common/retrieveData.js?_dc=1605741511142:74
        ExtJS 4

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    You should use other PC connect to VPN100 to see the consequence. 
  • Same problem on other PC and router:
      Zyxel VPN 50, V4.60(ABHL.0) / 2020-10-17 04:44:36

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    I tested it locally without any issue


    Does this issue occur on previous firmware version? 
    Also, can you private message configuration for check purpose?
  • VPN 100 4.60(ABFV.0). I was not able to access Lan 1 as well. All clients are on Lan1. However, other Wan, Lan 2 were accessible and configurable.  I reset VPN 100 to factory defaults. I was able to configure Lan 1 after restart. 15 minutes later the Ethernet window would not load again. I am back on 4.35. No problems on 4.35.
  • VPN100 4.60(ABFV.0) I have same issue ethernet Lan1 window won't load. Revert to V4.39(ABFV.0) and it works again.
  • Hi, I'm having the same issue [email protected]: LAN1 won't load, but all others works just fine.

  • I'm having the same issue on my VPN100 with V4.60(ABFV.0)
    LAN1 does not load, while all others do work fine
    I've tested in on my Mac with
    - Catalina 10.15.7
    - Firefox 83.0
    - Safari 14.0
    - Chrome 87.0.4280.67
    on HTTP and HTTPS and even on an iPad with Safari
    That issue is definetively related to VPN100 and its latest release V4.60(ABFV.0)

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