ZyWall 110 update from Firmware version v3.10 to 4.x

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Hello there

We have a ZyWall 110 here, with firmware version V3.10(AAAA.2) on it..
1) Is it possible to update from v3.10 to v4.13?  (that was the lowst version i found on the zyxel.com ftp srv)
And after that i would update Version by Version as recommended or dons't that matter if version v4.13 or higher from v3.10
2) Is there a way to download the firmware version V3.10(AAAA.2)?
just in case something goes wrong with the firmware update and i have to go back to this version.

thanks in advance

Accepted Solution

  • Zyxel_Charlie
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    Accepted Answer
    The firmware has been private message to you. Please have a check.
    Before upgrade the firmware, you need to backup the configuration first, and update by each version. Currently, the latest firmware is v4.60, but I suggest you should upgrade at least to v4.38.

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