Replaced switch, now cannot see moste other clients on LAN

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Small business with a 8 port switch and all clients could see the other machines when browsing in Windows (Network). Replacing old 8-port with all new GS1100-16 I cant see any other Windows clients when browsing the network through File Explorer. Rebooted all machines including server running DHCP. What is missing on the new switch?

A Brother printer will list as will the router, but no Windows clients. NO problems prior to replacing switch!

Cant access the new switch at (as described in Quick start ) even when connect with cable direct at switch. Switch is at this time disconnected from server and router. So should respond to IP address!? This leaving me with no possibility to try and alter settings...

Trying to replace an Netgear GS108 with Zyxel GS1100-16. Both are unmanaged!

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    Hi @Wizz,

    I have a GS1100-16 in my office, but I didn't meet your problem.
    Does your PC can ping another PC(or DHCP server) through the switch in the same network?

    May you also check the protocol port 139 and 445 are enabled on your PC?

    BTW, I see that there is a note: "Managed Switches Only" in the Quick Start.
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    I'm not sure the ports are open or not. No time for further testing, the old one worked perfectly without any adjustments. So I'm swapping for new Netgear.

    Managed switches only - why cant Zyxel be bothered with a Quickstart that actually is aimed at the product in the box, not a general version...

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