Can't logon my ARMOR X1

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I got great problems trying to logon. I only manage within the boot procedure (green led blinking a couple of minutes). I manage to logon, then, in the middle of the setting of parameters, it drops. When the led is red, I never manage to logon (Trying to update firmware doesn't work since the device always drop under the time I communicate with it). I've tried to connect directly from my computer, from a swich and from my Internet router. I've been using 2 different cables and 4 different browsers. I run updated Windows 10.
This device has been replaced once for similar problems
What's wrong with my system ? :<


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    Accepted Answer

    The latest FW:1.00(ABAL.5)C0  support to turn off Auto-Mode Selection,
    you can try following steps:

    1. Upgrade the FW to 1.00(ABAL.5)C0
    2. Reset device 
    3. Turn off Auto-Mode Selection in following web page:

    Configuration > Operation Mode > Auto-selection Setup

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    Pinging Armor from my router seems to wake the device upp ! Now I managed to update the firware without drop!
    Another question is about the mode I should use:
    My wish is to repeat wireless signals from my wireless router to other rooms in my house.
    The configuration I chose is:
    Repeater Mode
    Deactivate 2.4 Ghz WIFI
    Activate 5.4 Ghz WIFI
    The password to WIFI network seems OK.
    The WIFI network on the Router side is activated only for 5.4 Ghz.

    Now, what should the SSID in the Armor be ? Should it be the same that the router's or should it be armor's own ?

    And should I configurate the Armor in AP mode or in repeater mode ?

    Christian Serpagli

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    Anyway, ARMOR refuses to go in Repeater mode... After reboot it still is in AP mode
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    The easy123 fonction managed to configurate armor in repeater mode with the right wifi parameters ( I still have big problems to "open" it through though )
    Armor is been on the air for hours now and the led lamp is blinking green ( means rebooting mode )
    Connecting to it works fine but I get the message "no internet" and that means exactly that... 
    I give up !
    If someone got any idea.


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    Hi Kitty
    Thanks for your answer !
    I did all that and checked afterwards that Armor stays in Rep mode which it does.
    Anyway, it seems that it's trying to boot itself or connect with the router (blinking green led) without managing. I ran the easy123 and the armor didn't "see" my wifi so I had to give it manually (is this the problem ?). 

    So right now, it comes in conflict with the router since other computers lose wifi Connection ( due to "IP conflict") under the procedure. Wifi works again when I disconnect the Armor.
    You know, I just want a slave connection to increase the signals in my house. I didn't attend to be Network engineer... ;-> Is there anybody using that kind of "stupid slave connection" with an armor and having it working ?

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    Maybe your router's signal is weak with ARMOR X1, therefore easy123 doesn't show your router's wifi SSID, you can go to  "Configuration > Operation Mode > AP Connection" then apply the "Scan" button to find it.

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    The repeater mode only forward packet and extend WiFi coverage,
    so your router assign IP for all clients even your computer connect with WiFi of ARMOR X1.
    You can try to set the IP of ARMOR X1 as "Get from DHCP Server" then try to restart your router, 
    if it doesn't work, then I suggest to check the router.