VMG1312-B10A looses wifi with latest firmware

Zxt Posts: 5  Freshman Member
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Having this annoying issue after ver(AAJZ10)C0. all most all the devices connected through wifi connects/disconnects without internet or limited internet access messages. Ethernet connection works though.
I downgrade from verAAJZ13 to AAJZ10 and all works fine on wifi connection. any also having these kind issues with this router with latest ver??


  • SEJ
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    Have you tried reset the CPE to factory default on AAJZ13?
  • Zxt
    Zxt Posts: 5  Freshman Member
    can you explain the procedure please.....
  • MMrr
    MMrr Posts: 0  Freshman Member

    I checked the user guide of VMG1312-B10A,
    the steps as below:

    user guide:

  • Zxt
    Zxt Posts: 5  Freshman Member
    Oh it was factory reset. I thought CPE is different term and not the modem/router.......
     will try factory reset the unit and see what will happens.
    thanks guys
  • Zxt
    Zxt Posts: 5  Freshman Member
    so after latest firmware AAJZ.14 that was released in jan 2018 the problem still exist. So I revert back to AAJZ.10 all seems fine.
  • nevets89
    nevets89 Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    i have the same problem, same router... unbelievable that this issue persist after many firmware update.
  • YeK
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    Hi Zxt and nevest89,

    I didn’t find same issue as yours.

    1.    Do you find SSID from wifi clients? If yes, do you get IP from VMG1312 and then access it successfully?

    2.    If it's impossible to get IP automatically, you can configure static IP on your wifi clients to check if it works well.

  • nevets89
    nevets89 Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    ok, i try to install last firmware and suprisly i don't have the bug of wifi.. maybe because i don't reset the configuration...

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