NSA 326 Gigabit Ethernet LAN problem with ASUS DSL-AC88U

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I have connected NSA326 at the LAN port of ASUS DSL-AC88U and it denies to connect, it just blibking the orange led for a short time and it's doing the same again and again... i had before the DSL-AC68U and it was working properly at Gigabit ethernet port!!!  Do you have any suggestions ?? I have tried to change the LAN cable and i made reset the NSA326 without any result... i send my problem to ASUS, because the modem router it's brand new with early firmwares!!! 



  • Mijzelf
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    Does it still work on that AC68U? If you switch off the DHCP server on that box you could use it as in-between switch. 
  • diamas
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    The DSL-AC68U had broken and i bought the DSL-AC88U for better and i can't work... when i connect NSA326 it just do nothing and not even be found at modem router clienr list, before with the AC68U everything was working fine!!!