Why can I not see my USB disk attached to my VMG3925 from any PC on the lan?

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I have connected an external HDD to the USB port of my VMG3925 and set up sharing however neither my Windows 7 system or my Linux system can see any shares on the router. What workgroup name is used and why is there no way of specifying it in the setup.


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  • broadstairs
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    Right I've made a bit more progress but not much. I can now try to use the smb:// protocol to access the supposed share on my VMG3925 from Linux however when prompted for a user and password it refuses to accept what I know is a correct password. This happens even though I know the user/password combination is correct and it does not matter whether I have the supposed share public or not it never accepts the password.

    The manual also mentions FTP access but this does not allow access to the hard disk either, I get 2 directories DATA and FIRMWARE but I am not allowed to load any data to either. The Hard disk does not show up anywhere I can access. So the FTP access is non-existent.

    To me it looks as though the Samba implementation on the VMG3925 is completely broken. There is no way to define a workgroup name which should exist as no one in the right mind uses WORKGROUP.

    What is the point in advertising this as being able to share hard drives or USB sticks if it does not work?
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    I used a use stick to set up as below steps.
    1. my USB stick shown on the web GUI

    2. Create a new share by click "Add New Share" button and put below information in my case

    3. I select . for my usb stick since there is no folder in it.

    4. This is how it looks after apply the settings.

    5. Afterward, just use \\ and I would be able to see the files in the usb stick.

  • broadstairs
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    OK that works for Windows 7 but it does not work in Linux. On a file manager I enter smb:// and get access denied, however the same way accessing Linux shares works. So there is still a problem as Linux access is imperative as all my PCs bar one are Linux.
  • broadstairs
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    More on this. It seems that the router uses V1.0 of the Samba/CIFS protocol which I believe is not allowed on Linux systems by default. I can access the shares and mount them by command using the vers=1.0 option on the mount command. Long ago ZyXEL should have moved to at least version 2.1 if not 3.0.

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