Password lost after transferring startup-config

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Hi. I want to transfer my settings to new Keenetic device. 
From Giga2 to Ultra. 

I am saving old settings to file. Then i Uppload it to new device. Everithyng works very good, bit my old admin password does not work. I made a new user at old device with empty password. But still cannot enter. 

How can I delete password from settings file or make it compatible with new device? 

Thank you. 

P.S. I still have both devices, and can do everithyng. 


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  • Engelsit
    Engelsit Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    edited March 2018
    1. I made a factory reset at new router.
    2. Press "do not create password" after start
    3. Save settings to file
    4. Found hash of empty password "    password nt 68dc5c2dXXXXXXXXXXc504f744a7ab04"
    5. Copy found hash to the settings file of OLD router.
    6. Upload modified settings to new router
    7 Yeah! 

    Then, i found some initialize strings for 5gHz AP. Everything works fine now! 
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