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In the USG we used the BWM to prioritize DSCP along with traffic destined to our Datacenter for voice customers.   Is there a plan to bring this functionality into the Nebula line?   I found some Traffic Shaping built into the Nebula console already but it seems to only allow for an IP Range. 


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    We'll second that request - need to be able to prioritize traffic, especially SIP/VoIP.
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    Hi @UCO_Support and @TCL_Support,

    Welcome to Nebula Forum!  B)

    Currently on NSG, we have traffic shaping to restrict bandwidth for Uplink configuration and Global bandwidth limit. The default priority of Guaranteed Bandwidth for Down and Up is set to 4.

    In the section of Global bandwidth limit, you can set it for a specific IP address or an IP Range. The default priority is 4 as well, but we will release priority setting for users to customize in the future.

    For DSCP, I would like to help you submit feature request in the idea section, and we will consider implementing it in the future.  :star:

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    Hi @UCO_Support and @TCL_Support

    Besides, at this moment, you can manage your traffic through Global bandwidth limit, or you can have voice vlan to have the higher priority for voice packet, there is one post for you to reference.


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