ZyXel WAP3205 v3 - Access Point not allowing Samba filenames across

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I have two QNAP servers, a Zyxel GS1920-24-1 switch and a Billion WAN/WI-Fi hub.  The various items of infrastructure are wired connections,  Wi-Fi is only used to connect endpoint things like laptops, tablets & phones to the network.
I had trouble connecting in one room and so purchased a WAP3205 v3 wirless access point and connected it up and all seemed tickety-boo at first.  But I seem to have a problem accessing (SAMBA) shared drives on my NASs on laptops connected via the WAP.  The problem being that Windows explorer just cannot see these shared drives at all.  If I disconnect from the Zyxel WAP and connect into the Billion Wi-Fi hub I can now access these drives.
Anyone got any ideas?


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  • Edwardc
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    What is your firwmware version?
    latest version:v2.00(ABDM.4)C0, WAP3205 v3 connect to router directly, my samba server is connecting to router, but I was set the static IP as the same sunbet as router, then I can access it over wireless and ethernet.
  • BigBadMadBill
    My version is V2.00(ABDM.2)C0
    I don't quite understand what you mean when you say "I was set the static IP as the same sunbet as router" but I think you mean that it has the same subnet address as router?  If yes then so have I.
    I think it may be that the reception in the room the laptop was in at the time is marginal.  So I need to run a few tests.

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