Considering going from Zyxel Multy X to the Orbi netgear RBP 50/53?

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Hello everyone,,

I have had the Zyxel Multy X for 4-5 months now and I have big problems with the wifi to external units.

My Multy X main device gets full speed from the internett 500 MB/s and the second satellite get over 400MB/s. The backhaul connection between them is also always around 400-500.

When I connect by cable to any of the devices I get speeds close too 500 to.

But when using the wifi to external units, pc, ipads, cellphones and other stuff I only get speed around 300-400 1-2 times a day. Most of the time I sadly get around 20-50 and thats not acceptable.

When I get these wireless speeds I have always try to connect to the device by cable to see if there is something wrong with the ISP and also run the test on the app, but the ISP is 99-100% stable all the time.

The problem only occours on devices that is connected to the wifi. I have tried to stand 1 meter away from the main satelite and further distances, all bunny speed.

I have troubleshooted for days now and is about to throw the bunny in the trash and buy an Netgear Orbi Home Router and hope for better performances.

*edit I have also tried rebot and resets, no better performance.

Do you guys think I will experience the same issues here or have anyone else experienced anything similar?


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