Best wireless routers right now?

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I'm thinking about upgrading my FiOS Internet service while discontinuing the TV service, given our family's lack of TV watching through the set-top box (made even worse when our local CBS station was cut by Frontier in a carrier dispute, and hasn't been resolved since, and my mom tends to watch CBS to watch 'The Bold and the Beautiful', either through antenna because of it, or through the CBS app). However, I'm considering about using another router rather than Frontier's own, given the $10/month fee just to rent one. (I already read articles/posts on how to switch from a Frontier/Verizon-provided FiOS router to a router of our choice, as long as the ONT is switched properly from coax to ethernet output, which would be recommended if TV service isn't used.)

And it leads me to this point: Assuming I want to ditch the FiOS router completely, and aside from the Ubiquiti solutions (UniFi Security Gateway + UniFi Switch + UniFi AP, for example) that we redditors here quote about, what are the best wireless routers out there at different price points? I'd like to get various inputs from both a value-oriented perspective ($100-$150) and a high-end perspective (e.g. ASUS ROG Rapture, Netgear Nighthawk, etc). I currently place my router in a hallway upstairs close to my room.

(If I am thinking about buying the UniFi Security Gateway, the UniFi Switch, and the UniFi AP Pro from Ubiquiti's own store together, it would cost around $373 plus shipping and taxes. I heard the ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 costs roughly $500, with an even higher-end GT-AX11000 coming soon that could cost as much as that or even higher.)

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