Z2 Problems in saving names and icons of client table

ric8 Posts: 3  Freshman Member
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Hi,I'm experiencing a strange behaviour in my ZYXEL ARMOR Z2....may be a BUG.
In easy mode I change names and icons of my connected devices but when I get again into the page names and icons are changed (the last time all devices had the same name of last device I changed).
I have already updated the firmare to the last version but the problem occurrs again.
Any idea I have a lot of devices to manage and in this way it is impossible.
Thank you.



  • Hill
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    After modified my device's name and icon via "Rename/Icon" on Easy Mode, these name and icon not changed when I logout and login again to check it on Easy Mode.

    Can you share more detail information about the problem?

  • ric8
    ric8 Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    after many tryes I can repeat the problem.
    I have more than 30 devices so they do not fit in the first page.
    I go to the second page. I change the name of one device to 'x', I get back to the first page and all have the same name 'x' as you can see.

    Besides, sometimes, a red X appear on the globe (router is connected in bridge mode with WAN port to the LAN port of ISP Modem

  • Hill
    Hill Posts: 145  Ally Member
    Can you share your steps?

    Do you mean you have more than 30 devices is connect NBG6817?
    And on Easy Mode, it has two page shows your devices, when you changed one device's name as x on page 2, all devices of page 1 and 2 has renamed as x? 
  • ric8
    ric8 Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    it's exactly as You said.
    I change the name in the second page in easy mode (I don't know if ther is another way to change the device name outside the easy mode) and when I go back to the first page ALL devices get the last name I entered!.
    Devices are PC, laptop, smartphones, access points, several Google home assistant, and many smart-devices (lights, wifi switches and so on...) so the number is very high for a single house but it is so.
    My choice was the armor because it has a good CPU performance but now I see that the device managament is poor and Buggy.
    Besides, sometimes when I change the name of a single device it disappears after first refresh or after getting out from easy mode and getting in again.
    Often a name that I assigned ta a device becomes associated to another device...
    It's very frustrating and it's impossible to manage or control any device....
    Probably the development team has never tested the armor with many devices since it's used mainly for gaming.

  • Zyxel_Steven
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    edited April 2019

    Thanks for reported this issue. I can reproduce it and will submit it internally.

    If there is any update, I will let you know.
  • Zyxel_Steven
    Zyxel_Steven Posts: 247  Zyxel Employee
    I have sent you the firmware link of NBG6817 which fixed this issue via private message.
    Please kindly check your message box. Thanks.
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