Aurora - does it upload the videos to the cloud? How to access?

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I have two Auroras set up and running. Videos are in the playlist, but ONLY if the camera is online. So I assume it has a 16GB internal storage (The technical description leave it open if it is internal or in the cloud).

My aim is to store the videos in the cloud. I mean would be pretty useless if a thief sees the cam and just steals it along with all the recordings.

If it DOES store it online, why can I not see the videos in myCloud account that is used to control my Auroras?
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    To my knowledge, the videos are only stored on Aurora's 16GB built-in storage space. And need to Aurora online, then you can watch the videos on Aurora App.

    But if you have Zyxel or Synology NAS, it can backup the videos on NAS device.
    You can check this discussion:

  • Jumper
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    Thank you! That is very helpful, but only gets me one step further.
    I am not an expert, but is there any way to use the Cloud rather than buying and having the storage utility in the same space as the cams? I would not know where else to place it.
    I want want the files unattached from the location of the cameras.

    Any suggestion would be very appreciated.

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