NBG6615 and external IP problem

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Hi all!
I've recently bought NBG6615, and I really like it. But I have a routing problem.
The ISP gives me external IP in form 77.xxx.yyy.zzz. And I connect to their Microtik by static address like gateway The connects and pings are going just fine from any network, for example from my 4G phone, but not from LAN. I can't even ping 77.xxx.yyy.zzz (my external IP).

When I had Zyxel Giga II, I've set a rule like `ip static 77.xxx.yyy.zzz !Internal Server`, and I've had normal connection to my internal server by external IP-address.

How can I do something like that in limited NBG6615 web-interface?


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    As far as I know, NBG6615 does not support IP Static/Dynamic Routing feature.

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