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I have a NAS542 with three 6TB drives in a RAID 5 setup, which i would like to expand with a fourth 6TB drive, hence the need for a disk group. Now, i would like to use the fourth drive temporarily for backing up the existing array.

So, the theory is: Back up array to disk 4, create disk group on disk 1-3, copy data over from disk 4 and add disk 4 to disk group - ending up with one 16TB volume and one 2TB volume.

Is this doable, or is it impossible to add a drive to an existing disk group?

Thank you in advance!

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  • t23
    t23 Posts: 0
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    It is definitely possible. Note that with the latest firmware (and using Firefox), you have to click the disk group twice in order to get the Manage, Delete and hot spare options.

    Here are the options in manage:

    And how adding a drive works:

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  • Kim
    Kim Posts: 37  Freshman Member
    It sounds doable. But, it may take a long time to copy the data back and forth. How about to copy the data to other equipment like USB drive or PC and copy them back after creating the volume for disk group on 4 disks?
  • t23
    t23 Posts: 0
    Mainly i ask because the manual doesn't explain exactly what you can do in "modify disk group". If i cannot add a drive to the disk group later on, i need to buy two drives - one for the new array and one for backing up the current array.

    Also, if i can add the fourth drive later, i can do all the copy operations from an ssh shell and save a lot of time that way.
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