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Davide90 Posts: 4  Freshman Member
Goodmorning everyone!!
my modem for about 6 months has been losing the connection for a few seconds or minutes and then recovering
the technician says that it has not detected any problems since these things happened on the connected devices screen a device called local host appears (what would it be ??)
could it come from that? or from a change of ip or static ip?
can you disable this device?
as for modem updates .. does it do them automatically or do you have to do them manually?
thanks in advance and sorry for my keyboard english!

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  • Hummel
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    Do you know what the firmware version you are using now?
    Login WebGUI and then you should be able to see the Firmware Version.
    As I know, your ISP should be able to do firmware upgrade for you remotely or you should upgrade firmware manually via WebGUI.
    If you want to manually upgrade firmware, first of all, you need to download the firmware from Zyxel's official website and that's why I ask you the firmware version.
  • Davide90
    Davide90 Posts: 4  Freshman Member
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  • Davide90
    Davide90 Posts: 4  Freshman Member

    this also appears to me among the connected devices !!
    What could it be? influences?
  • NeAl
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    This is wind/infostrada (now wind-tre) branded firmware.
    They released just one upgrade when they realized it was "easy" for the user to get voip credentials.
    You can't upgrade via web interface, the firmware id/model is "different" from the standard one.
  • Davide90
    Davide90 Posts: 4  Freshman Member

    I don't know what to say about disconnections often and a technician will arrive in a few days

    riguardo il firmware la wind dice che va bene così 

    but instead the local host that I see between the devices what is it?
    you can take it off !!! or is it useful?
  • oreglo
    I have the same exact problem with the same exact router and isp provider.
    @Davide90 have you solved in some way?

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