PLA5236 terrible download, perfect upload

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I've a pretty weird issue with my PLA5236+PLA5256 (connected to modem).

If I turn off my PLA5236 and subsequently turn it on, for a few minutes the download speed is perfect, 50Mbs, with very low losses. But then after just a few minutes the speed decreases to max 7Mbs and remains constant for days. This happens all the time, if I reset both PLAs, for 5/10 minutes everything works perfectly, but as soon as a few more minutes pass, the speed is drastically affected.

Weirdly enough, upload speed is always constant and stable. I checked my modem and the connection there is stable in both upload and download, which means the issue is the Zyxel devices.

Anyone had a similar issue?



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    I did a test as your description and not happen the same issue. Just curious that is the issue happened on wireless or wired? If it's on wired, is it the same if you connect a computer to the router/gateway directly?
    Was there any other device in the network downloading files when you did the test?
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    Spadoz Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    Wireless on PLA5236. No other device downloading. I disconnected all home devices from wifi and connected only my phone to wifi for testing. 

    I tried the test again today, at the PL5256 connected to my modem, I see 50MBs download and 20Mbs/upload.

    At PLA5236:
    -wireless mode: download 5Mbs, upload 19MBs
    -cable mode: download 7Mbs, upload 19MBs.

    ENDLESS Posts: 56  Ally Member
    Would you test it by putting the PLA5256 and PLA5236 on the same extension cord to avoid the interference of the powerline?
    Otherwise, did you test the speed via the wired connection of PLA5236?
    You can also check the HOMEPLUG LED for the data transfer rate.

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