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Just wondering, couldnt find anything in the knowledge base: How do i enable/disable SIP on a NSG device? Should i be able to use VOIP communication directly out of the box?



  • Nebula_Irene
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    edited October 2017

    Because we have other customers ask about SIP ALG, and the good new is now we are working on discussing this feature internally, so I would like to clarify if your request is SIP server or SIP ALG? I would like to help to transfer this to internal.
  • ZeRicardo
    ZeRicardo Posts: 12  Freshman Member
    I have a issue where a customer have 15 ip phones that need receive incoming calls from internet. This way I need to create a rule permitting this incoming connections, but I don't have 15 public IP address do NAT 1:1
  • Nebula_Irene
    Nebula_Irene Posts: 139  Zyxel Employee
    Hi @ZeRicardo

    Welcome to Nebula Forum.  B)
    We saw you created a ticket regarding this question through our technical support channel, we will reply you through ticket. After the case is clarified We'll update once more here in the post. 
  • Nebula_Barney
    Nebula_Barney Posts: 79  Zyxel Employee
    Hi @JorisK

    For common VOIP solutions, SIP ALG is a necessary feature if you need to make calls from inside your local network to phones across the Internet.

    Calls across your own private networks should work even if you have a SIP server on the public network.

  • ZeRicardo
    ZeRicardo Posts: 12  Freshman Member
    I configure ALG directly on SSH session and all works fine, but if the device reboot is needed reconfigure manually. Is important to add this feature on NCC
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