LTE3301-PLUS start problem

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I have bought this new router for my caravan and try to start it up throug the wizard configuration. I expected it was simpel and "plug and play". Unfortunatly I do not succed in opening to the Internet.
Untill now I have used a WAH7608 so I have taken the SIMcard from this an moved it into the LTE3301. Started the LTE3301 and after booting, via laptop logged into LTE3301, run the wizard and giving the SIM my PIN code. After this restarted the LTE3301 - after this is light in the START and the  WIFI, the LTE is blinking fast for som time and turns out.

WAN Status: Connection down
Celluar Info:
Mode - Routermode
Status - Connection down
SIM card Status - Available
In the info I find:
Access Technology - UMTS
Cell ID - 3580049
RFCN - 10687
RSCP - -90
ECNo - -3
LAC - 5311
RAC - 2
All other lined are N/A

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