NWA210AX - Unable to delete default cert

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Device: NWA210AX
Firmware: V6.10(ABTD.8) / 2020-10-06 14:37:16
Object: Auth. Server
Error: 404 - Not Found
Mode: Stand-alone

I imported my own cert, and now I'm trying to remove the default self-sign cert but I'm running into issues. I see the object is used by "Auth. Server", but when I click on it, I get an error "404 - Not Found". Help?

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    Hi @Human_USB,
    Thanks for reporting this issue. It's can be reproduced and we'll update for you about fixing this issue.

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  • Human_USB
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    I was able to fix it manually by editing the Auth Server via CLI:

    Now my config looks like this:

    auth-server cert <CERT NAME HERE>

    Please log this as a bug. :)