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Hi All,
I have configuration like below:

NSG200 as VPN HUB with LAN interface subnet and VLAN

SITE-TO-SITE connection with none-nebula peer with subnet

The tunnel is running well, i can ping from to but can't reach VLAN

I was trying with policy routes on both sides. It looks like VLAN routing works only with nebula devices as with the same configuration on nebula device I can easily reach VLANs.

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  • Nebula_Adam
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    Hi @Lukasz ,

    According to your description, there are things we would like to verify:
    1. Do you select the "Use VPN" on LAN interface of NSG200 on your site?(When enable Use VPN, NSG will create a hidden policy route, from your LAN interface to ANY via VPN tunnel)
    2. Does the policy route of the non-nebula device choose the right VPN tunnel? 
    3. May I know what device is the non-nebula peer used?  or it's a Nebula Gateway but in different Organization?

  • Lukasz
    Lukasz Posts: 10
    1. Yes, I did. is reachable over VPN.
    2. I have two policies on the non-nebula device, one for, second for (I'm sorry, my mistake in the first post, VLAN is
    2. Advantech ICR-160.

  • Nebula_Adam
    Nebula_Adam Posts: 70  Zyxel Employee
    edited April 9

    Your current configuration should be following:
    Site-to-Site is established successfully.
    Device subnet:
    subnet-1:  (unreachable from ICR-160)
    subnet-2: from ICR-160, Use VPN selected)


    Policy route:
    1. Src-IP: Dst-IP: next-hop: VPN tunnel
    2. Src-IP: Dst-IP: next-hop: VPN tunnel

    Please correct me if above information is wrong.

    1. Do you enable Use VPN for subnet of NSG200 as well?
    (If so, but you still cannot ping from subnet to Please help us to enable Zyxel Support, which located at HELP > Support request page, and provide us your organization name so that we could have access to investigate the issue.)
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