1920 48 switch after adding to NEBULA my admin password stop working

ADI Posts: 3
What I am doing wrong???? After switch is connected to NEBULA my local admin with password is not working, it says wrong credentials is I try to login through local IP. 

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  • ADI
    ADI Posts: 3
    well if I can have nebula cloud access with limited staff to the switch or local admin I prefer local admin. I think I can have either or and not possible to have them both. 
    Tell me I am wrong. 
  • ADI
    ADI Posts: 3
     "Site-wide > General settings" page local credentials ?????????? really? 
  • ivessm
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    Once a device is attached to a site in Nebula it picks up the Nebula default password for all local devices under Nebula Management for the Organization. Also, once it's in Nebula the Console management becomes mute.
  • Zyxel_Jonas
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    Hi @ADI,

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    Due to security concern, after creating a site, Nebula will generate a random password for that specific site which you may customize on Site-wide > Configure > General settings. (As figure below)
    And the password will also be push to the local device. 


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