Dual Wan Failover (Active/Passive mode)

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Idea comes from @techlogic and @TCL_Support

Configure Active/Passive mode for WAN port to realize Dual Wan Failover.


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    I'd like it to be developed because I often have clients who need to connect to public administration services that require the recognition of a specific public IP address

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    Sounds like you need policy routes and not necessarily an active/passive failover.
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    How can i do it?
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    Hello @COIN ,

    As @CrazyTacosmentioned, for your application is best to be achieved by policy route,  here to tell you that the policy route feature is now released on the NSG.
    You can find it in Gateway> Configure> Policy route, and set the designated IP's from and to which interface as you please.

    Also do remember to firmware upgrade your NSG to the latest firmware.

    As for WAN failover, we have the feature on the roadmap already! Please stay tuned to our forum as more updates will be announced in the future!

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    Hey guys!
    The WAN failover feature has been released last December 17. You could find it on Gateway > Configure > Traffic shaping page.

    Hope it helps you! A thanks for your feedback :)

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