New Users added to Objects after firmware update


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    Yay one of my ideas come true

    Change the port for SSL VPN — Zyxel Community

    You can make the WWW more secure from logins from WAN if you add a allow for LAN1 then a block all zones.

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    Hi @inchica

    You can display login portal page when connection is initial from Internet but deny admin account to login from WAN side even password is correct.
    (Configuration > System > WWW)

    Or you can deny HTTPS traffic from WAN to ZyWALL, then login portal will unable to display on browser.
    (Configuration> Security Policy > Policy Control)

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    @splayer7 I checked our firewall logs, and noticed warnings:
    I import the logs into Excel to keep a baseline for the firewalls.  WAN has been disabled for admin.  I have our logs setup to alert us of all attempts to access the firewall (actual users and bad actors).  I hope that helps!

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