How can i backup running config in a switch using ssh script?

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I want to make backups from my switch configs, and i want to use an ubuntu machine with cron for this task, so i can automate it.
My switch is a XGS1930-28HP with firmware version 4.5(ABHS 7.1)

I want to use this command in my script to ssh to the switch:
sshpass -p "password" ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no admin@SWITCH_IP COMMAND

My command would be show run, and then i wopuld capture it, and save it a in file.. but i cant use any command with this, because when i try to use it, the switch return me this error:
Received disconnect from SWITCH_IP port 22:2: invalid command run.
Disconnected from SWITCH_IP port 22

So, please help me, how can i automate taking backup from my switch configs?


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