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How can you remove devices that were previously discovered by the Device Insight service?

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    You missed space between e and _

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    Hi @LeeW
    The purpose of Device Insight is to let the admin easier to manage the network. It can't just remove specific item manually. Can you share what kind of scenario you met that need to remove specific one from the discovered device list? 
  • I enabled the Device Insight option to see what it can do for me.  After running it for a few weeks I didn't see a lot of value add in my particular network.  It also used up CPU cycles that I couldn't afford to lose.  I have since disabled the Device Insight option on my USG.  However, when I go into the USG under "monitor", "Network Status", "Device Insight", the list of discovered devices is still populated in the list.  I was wondering how to return the USG to show nothing in that list as if I never enabled it.  This is purely a housekeeping item for me.  I was hoping there was a command to flush the device insight table perhaps of devices no longer reporting?  It there a table keep alive?
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    Hi @LeeW
    Please apply the command from CLI and all the recored host information will be flushed
    Router(config)# device _debug flush device-list

  • When I issue that command, I get the following error:

    Router(config)# device_debug flush device-list
    % (after 'terminal'): Parse error
    retval = -1
    ERROR: Parse error/command not found!
  • Thank you!

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