SELBERG Posts: 41  Freshman Member
Still no new firmware ? 
No carrier aggregation with this modem ?
Cant lock to a specific cell, my manual says it should work ?

I need that firmware update now......

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  • Zyxel_CPE
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    Hi SELBERG , Cellular Lock feature will be supported in firmware V100ABQY3C0 and the firmware release schedule have been postponed by end of January, 2022. We can release new firmware to you by Zyxel forum private message after firmware release. Moreover, LTE7490-M904 V100ABQY2C0 already supported CA, for verification, you can refresh the LTE7490 GUI>Cellular WAN Status page few times during performing, then you can see the SCC information.
    (GUI>System Monitor>Cellular WAN Status)

    SELBERG Posts: 41  Freshman Member
    Now it is 31 January and still no new firmware?