NWA210AX slow performance

Dear Zyxel support,

I adquired two of the APs listed above and since the purchase the wifi speeds have been somehow worrying.

Internet connection: 1gbps / 100mbps
AP closet: D8:EC:E5:7B:8A:48
AP living room: D8:EC:E5:7B:7F:48

Both the PC where I'm writing this post and the AP where my phone(iphone 13 pro max) is connected are on the exact same room(about 1 meter apart), connected to the exact same switch but some for reason my phone speed tests are way to low, fluctuating between 59mbps and 77mbps (my PC reaches the connection limit while performing the speed tests).

On previous days sometimes the same phone connected to the same AP reached 300/400mbps, I'm unable to find what might be triggering this hence my contact.

I tested installing my old APs for a sort moment and there I faced no issues the speed was always constant around 200/300mbps.

I also have an issue where my phone does not automatically connect to the wifi and I have to open the wifi page and tap on it to connect, the auto-join is enabled and on the ubiquiti ap never faced this issue.

Could someone please assist me with the Wifi performance issues and the issue connecting automatically to the wifi on both aps?

Note: The option to Invite Zyxel support as administrator has been enabled on my end.

Thank you

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  • jpblanch75
    jpblanch75 Posts: 40  Freshman Member
    Seperate the 2.4 and 5 SSIDs. Use different channels for each AP.

    Set channels manually, On 5g use one in the 36-48 and the other in the 149-161.

    Set 2.4 to 20mhz and 5g to 80mhz.

    Disable U-APSD

    Don't use DFS or DCS at least until you figure out your speed issue.

    I get 940mbps via WiFi with my Galaxy s21. 

    My APs are using 1gb Ethernet.

  • Zyxel_Bella
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    Hi @fmatos


    NWA210AX requires 802.3at power supply, limited power will cause AP works in 1T2R antenna status which also impacts the performance. Please check if the PoE switch provides enough power for AP.


    Radio 2.4GHz is shared with a lot of other devices (Bluetooth, microwave) which may generate interference. Wi-Fi signal can also interfere with each other if using the same channel. Ensure your device connects to radio 5GHz for better throughput, you can monitor at Site-wide > Monitor > Clients page. And the visible signal above -65dBm will have better experience.


    We can take a look into your configurations and wireless status, please provide your Org/Site name for us.

    Thank you





  • fmatos
    fmatos Posts: 2
    Hi Bella,

    Organization: Home
    Site: Home

    Both APs are running the same type of POE injector, aparently for the closet one it seems to be better now getting proper speeds(didn't change anything) but the Living room one still has poor performance.

    If you could give me some hints and point me into the right direction would be amazing.

    Thank you!

  • Zyxel_Bella
    Zyxel_Bella Posts: 300  Zyxel Employee

    Hi @fmatos


    The logs of AP reveal many clients connect to radio 2.4GHz with signal below -65dBm. The poor signal and band 2.4GHz will lead the unhappy experience. If possible, please move the AP closer to the clients and make the AP visible in the place for preventing signal attenuate.


    There are some configurations are suggested to be changed, lower the 2.4GHz power than 5GHz to attract client with 5GHz capability connect to 5GHz; use DCS for 2.4GHz instead of dedicate the channel; higher the WLAN rate control when the signal problem is resolved.


    We hope above suggestions could help to improve your situation.

    Thank you





  • Peppino
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    Start with a relatively low value (eg. 5-6 dBm) for the 2,5GHz band, and set the 5 GHz radio to about 5-6 dBm more, in this case that would mean 11 dBm. If the area covered will be too small, you can gradually go up by 1-1 dBm.
    This ensures you have a similar, but rather a slightly higher coverage on 5 GHz, so your clients will be more likely to associate to this radio, thus their connection rate will always be better.
  • Donaldroy
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