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RobyMori Posts: 1
edited April 14 in Nebula
Hi, how can I make a nat for a range of ports in my NSG100? I need to nat ports from 1000 to 17000.
thanks in advance

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  • Nebula_Chris
    Nebula_Chris Posts: 374  Zyxel Employee
    Hello @RobyMori
    Welcome to Nebula community!
    In current  stage we cannot set the port range however, I can provide the workaround for you and we'll soon have the feature enhancement on this part, so stay tuned B)
    I'll PM you, please check your inbox message.
  • Tony
    Tony Posts: 4  Freshman Member
    Is this request still on track for Sept? 
  • Nebula_Chris
    Nebula_Chris Posts: 374  Zyxel Employee
    Hi @Tony
    Welcome to the community~
    Yes, stick to the plan and will be launched in the end of September.

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