What Do you configure for the URL in DDNS Settings For Firewall?

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An example will be good.

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  • CHS
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    I use no-ip as my DDNS server. (I used 2 DNS records for free)
    It looks there is no additional URL setting. 
    What do you mean URL?  what's your DDNS server

  • businessuer
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    I referring to nebula NCC portal for FW.
    The URL there.. in red

  • Zyxel_Stanley
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    Hi @businessuer'
    The URL is defined by DDNS server.
    For No-IP server, the URL setting will be "/nic/update?"
    You may have a check what's HTTP(s) request is required for your DDNS server.
    Or you can use the supported DDNS servers in the list.

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