Set Hostnames by Nebula client description / MAC Address

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I wish a really great feature :-)

Clients are reachable via host based on their description in Nebula (Nebula description is mac based).

New setting in DNS section: Add hostnames by nebula description (special characters will be replaced by hyphen in hostnames).

The administrator can e.g. set the description via the Nebula App as soon as the device is in the network e.g. "printer-room23". All clients can now reach the printer via the hostname "printer-room23". 

Especially great: Since the Nebula description is based on the MAC address, the printer can be reached even if it gets a new IP address via DHCP.

Thanks a lot!

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  • I see Nebula already has this feature, of changing the description value to specific, as required.
    Devices will always be identified as per their MAC addresses, that's as per IEEE specification.
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    Hi @Kinshuk_Tech,

    i can change the description but the client is not accessible via this description over dns. 

    I have missed something?

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