GS1920-24HP pair functional but have status "offline" in NCC

I've just updated the firmware for my two GS1920-24HP V4.70(ABMI.4) and this is the result:

NCC sees them both as "offline" and inaccessible for any operations or configuration changes, but they are clearly on and functional in that the port connections and PoE all work and the network is working fine.

Two points:
  • I've not yet investigated further than the above; I thought it better to ask here in the event there are troubleshooting steps I could take
  • The ABMI.4 firmware on them is a year old. As you can see I have NCC set to follow a regular upgrade time for all equipment; I'm now concerned this is not occurring given there are several interim versions to which these devices were never updated

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  • thwartedEfforts
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    Update Both switches now reporting correctly as online in the Firmware Management screen as below. They'd remained offline since yesterday and showed as such just 20 minutes ago; no idea what changed. There have been no power cuts, cheeky reboots, etc.

    Guess will have to chalk this down to "one of those 24 hour things"  :#
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    Hi @thwartedEfforts,

    May you enable Zyxel support and PM me your organization name and device MAC address?
    I will help to check what happened after your switch upgrade firmware.
    Please go to Help > support request > Zyxel Support Access to enable Zyxel support and save.


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