Problem with Access Point WAP3205 v3

Buongiorno, ho un problema con un'access point WAP3205 v3. Ho notato che non salva la data e l'orario. Purtroppo per questo problema non naviga in internet. Questo è il terzo AP che ha lo stesso problema.
Sono io che sbaglio qualcosa? la prima cosa che imposto è la data e orario, poi imposto il AP come Client Mode.
Qualcuno ha avuto questo problema?

Hello, I have a problem with a WAP3205 v3 access point. I noticed that it doesn't save the date and time. Unfortunately for this problem he does not surf the internet. This is the third AP that has the same problem. Am I doing something wrong? the first thing I set is the date and time, then I set the AP as Client Mode. Has anyone had this problem? Thanks

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  • Mel
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    How do you know the device do not save the date and time?
    Is it possible the client do not get the IP address from root router?
    Does the device work normal before? Have you done any change on the settings?
    You can check the root router and if there is the new firmware, then upgrade it and try again, also you can check WAP3205's firmware to make sure the firmware is latest version.
    If the problem is still exist, then you may need to reset them to try again.

  • Panatronic
    io ho lo stesso problema. Tutto aggiornato. Resettato.. ma nulla. non mantiene l'orario preimpostato.

  • mMontana
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    Before update to ABDM.5

    After update to ABDM.5

    No option for configure NTP source into advanced configuration mode.
    No way to schedule Wireless time management in these conditions.
  • Zyxel_Jerry
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    Hi @mMontana  @Panatronic

    We currently don't have a plan to implement this feature on this model. We will take your suggestions into our future product evaluation.
  • mMontana
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    AKA the wireless schedule feature is not at all usable and it won't be.

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