Bug: DNS no longer delivers internal entries

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Hello dear zyxel support team!

DNS entries added via firewall settings are suddenly no longer delivered. Nothing was changed in Nebula. After I added a new entry in Nebula under Firewall settings, it worked normally again. As firewall I have a USG Flex 200. 


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    Hello @baba,
    Since it works normally now, and we didn't see any abnormal server logs recently. Please help us to collect information when it happens again.
    We need two diagnostic info files and the timestamp when the problem appears and disappears.
    1. collect the diagnostic info when the problem occurs
    2. collect the diagnostic info after re-push the DNS entries configure. (add a new entry or re-enable) 

    How to collect diagnostic info?
    Login to local web gui, the username/password is support/side-wide general setting password.


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