[NEBULA] When I add a device can I import the existing configuration to the site?

smrbrts Posts: 8  Freshman Member
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I've manually setup two NWA1123-AC Pro access points, and would like to add them to Nebula if I can import the existing configuration of one and use it for the other? Is this possible? Or when I register a device do I have to start from scratch reconfiguring?

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  • smrbrts
    smrbrts Posts: 8  Freshman Member
    Too bad. Now I'm not sure I want to use it. Everything is running fine, but I use MAC filtering and VLANs and I'm not sure I want to configure it all again to use Nebula.
  • smrbrts
    smrbrts Posts: 8  Freshman Member
    Given that we can save the config file, an import feature wouldn't have been unreasonable.
  • Nebula_Barney
    Nebula_Barney Posts: 79  Zyxel Employee
    edited September 2018
    Hello @smrbrts

    I agree that it is a reasonable feature. But as I have said before, the command structure of the two platforms are different. Commands made in NCC must always reflect the device's running configurations. For this to work, an extensive error-checking must be done during the configuration conversion process. 

    However, we can improve minor functions like importing MAC Filtering list to better support the migration from standalone mode to cloud mode. This, we can try adding to the ideas section.

    Barney Gregorio
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