[News] Nebula has leveled up!

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Dear Nebula fellows, 

Nebula expands its functionality again! We’re happy to announce that we’re releasing a bunch of new features of Nebula today, along with a comprehensive range of 9 hybrid switches! Take a look on the main enhancements.
  • Support smart mesh: extended network coverage using existing access points; auto detect signal and establish connectivity without manual settings.
  • Support traffic logs: exportable gateway traffic information via logs to your storage server.
  • Support VPN topology: quick visualization of virtual private network topology.
  • Support new hybrid switches: 9 new models range from 8- to 52-port PoE and non-PoE, and 4 of them come along with 10G uplink. All can be set up and managed via a local web browser or centrally managed with a few simple clicks via Nebula Control Center. (GS1920v2 series) (XGS1930 series)
  • All-new Nebula Mobile app: expanded functionality for easier end-to-end installation, WiFi management, client policy settings and quick access to real-time information and trouble-shooting tools. (coming soon)

On top of that, Nebula Control Center has been updated to include over 20 new features, Please refer to the Nebula P5 Release Note for more detail

Nebula Control Center (NCC)
Nebula Access Point (NAP)
Nebula Security Gateway (NSG)

Along with the NCC upgrade, Nebula Access Points (NAP, Hybrid AP series) and Nebula Security Gateway (NSG) will have a new firmware available, which is necessary for running new features. Any setting under “Follow upgrade time” which, by default, is set to Sunday 12:00 am, i.e. 30th September, following the local time zone configured at your site. You can change the settings of your upgrade time to another day and hour. Moreover, you can use the option “Schedule the upgrade to” to delay the update to a desired date within a month later from the time you configured it, or select “Perform the upgrade now” option to enjoy the new features right away.


  • Markus_H
    Seems like the "current client" count does not work for my NWA1123-AC PRO AP's ... :-(
  • Scanpipe
    Like the smart mesh option. But where can I see how the mesh performs after enabling it ? Statistics, transmit power between the AP´s etc ?

    Thank you


  • DerLord
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    I also have a question about the smart mesh feature.
    I have two wired NWA1123-ACv2 Access Points. Do the APs build a wired mesh network or are they exchanging information over 5GHz Bands?

    I'm just asking because the clients in my network are roaming a lot and I thought the handover works more fluently when enabling mesh. But if the performance is influenced by this setting, I would disable it again.

    Thanks in advance,
  • Zyxel_Barney
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    Hi @Scanpipe

    You can go to AP > Monitor > Access point to determine the status of your mesh. You can display the following columns:
    • Uplink AP - indicates the name of the uplink AP.
    • Uplink Signal - indicates the signal strength of this AP to the uplink AP.
    • Uplink Tx/Rx rate - indicates traffic exchange between the uplink AP and this AP.
    • Uplink  - indicates whether the uplink is your wired network (ETHERNET) or another AP (WIRELESS).
    •  - indicates that the AP is a root AP, or AP directly connected to the wired network.
    •  - indicates that the AP is a repeater AP, or AP connecting to another AP wirelessly.

    So this mesh topology would look like:

    [ WIRED NETWORK ] ----- NAP203-1 ----- NAP203-2 ----- NAP102-A 

  • Zyxel_Barney
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    Hello @DerLord

    APs attempt connection to the uplink AP with the highest signal strength using the 5GHz band, first. If the 5GHz band fail, the AP will attempt using the 2.4GHz band. If both fails, the AP will retry the 5GHz band after a few seconds.