Auth-cache function for Cloud authentication

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  • SYK
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    I want a function of auth-cache, when we use cloud-auth,then Inet is disconnected.
  • newtype
    newtype Posts: 29  Freshman Member
    I suppose it's there already !
  • Zyxel_Charming
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    Hi Yasuto,
    So delighted that you've raised many practical ideas for us!

    Actually, the auth-cache feature is already there, the cache time for each user is 5 min.
    You can also pre-define the behavior when NCC is unreachable under "AP > Authentication"

    If there's any question while trying, please let us know.
  • SYK
    SYK Posts: 32  Freshman Member
    Hi, newtype & Nebula_Charming!

    Oh, That's great! Thank you for answers!

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