Samsung TV KS8000 cannot connect to NWA210AX while connects fine to NWA90AX


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    As I said, I connected KS8000 device with ethernet cable. With latest firmware for NWA210AX (V6.45(ABTD.0)), KS8000 never connects to wifi. With previous firmware it would connect after several retries. I don't have the time to debug the issue for you, moving my NWA90AX from floor to floor to do testing.

    If your firmware code for NWA210AX interferes with DHCP for any reason, just remove this code and send me a test firmware. After all, I use NWA210AX as simple access point, I don't want it to interfere at all with DHCP. DHCP is handled by my Linux router. Or cross-check with NWA90AX firmware, since it works fine with NWA90AX. But as I said I have NWA90AX wall mounted on different floors and can't do all this testing again and again. I can try test firmware if you have one and that's all I can do.

    I actually reported again in this thread because my NWA210AX got the new firmware (V6.45(ABTD.0))

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    First, we summarized the result of what we tested the last time.
    We saw we got the DHCP discovery and DHCP offer at the DHCP server. We didn’t get the DHCP request from AP or Samsung TV.
    And then we collected the packet on AP. We could see that AP forwarded the DHCP offer to the station. However, AP didn’t get the DHCP request from the Samsung TV.
    And it would respond to our AP and get IP when we repeatedly triggered the Samsung TV.

    We want to collect the Samsung TV behavior because we don't copy the issue from the other devices. If you want to fix the problem, now we can check more information from Nebula. Please help us activate Zyxel Support as an administrator. And let the TV be connected via wireless.

    By the way, we find the article can check your Samsung TV network setting. You can refer to it first.


  • malakudi
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    I want to thank Jay because he tried to find a solution for the issue.

    Unfortunately issue still hasn't been resolved and I don't want to try any more. Issue was traced down to a point that KS8000 doesn't accept encrypted packets from NWA210AX after resuming from standby or even after reboot. KS8000 seems associated but doesn't receive the WPA2 encrypted packets, probably drops them. Unfortunately I can't be sure since I can't get root shell access to the TizenOS of the TV. When used without WPA2, TV works fine - but this is not a solution. I would pinpoint the problem to KS8000 if it had the same behaviour with NWA90AX, but it doesn't. Works fine with NWA90AX.

    I spent double the money for NWA210AX compared to NWA90AX and I haven't enjoyed it. The KS8000 issue, combined with worse wifi signal reception from the clients on the same site, same position of installation, compared to NWA90AX, brought me to the point of not wanting to use NWA210AX any more. And I even spent money for the multi-gig XS1930-10 to have 2.5g connection for NWA210AX.

    The TV is six years old, I will eventually replace it so this is not a really big issue. Wireless coverage on the other hand is.

    According to specifications published by Zyxel, NWA210AX should be 1dB less power compared to NWA90AX @ 5GHz. 22dB + 6dB antenna = 28dB for NWA210AX. 25dB + 4dB antenna = 29dB for NWA90AX. While I experience more than 6db difference in several clients. Maybe my sample is problematic, I don't know.

    I will open RMA for both the KS8000 and wifi coverage issues.

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