ZW USG 1100 unexpected reboot

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ZW USG 1100 start unexpected reboot. UTM is on. After reboot debug log without errors. Firmware is 4.31.
Write 2 times to support, but no anwers. Where i can see causes of reboots?

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  • XStead
    XStead Posts: 7

    We have the same problem, with our ZyWALL 310 ... started since last week...
    Our device rebooting in every 3 days, we cannot find any info in the log files, now trying to save log to USB drive...
    Do you have any update about that ?
  • XStead
    XStead Posts: 7
    ZyWALL 310
    firmware: V4.31(AAAB.0) / 2018-03-27 17:03:23
  • XStead
    XStead Posts: 7
    without any UTM service
  • Veronesi
    Veronesi Posts: 24  Freshman Member

    About reboot issue, we need more information to help you on this case.
    I will send you private message for some basic information of this issue.
    As this is the accepted answer, it would be nice to hear, if it's a general bug or not.
    We also have some USG1100 here. (Running) Firmware still on V4.20(AAPK.2)ITS-WKk02-r75831.
    Can we update without any issue?
  • Zyxel_Emily
    Zyxel_Emily Posts: 745  Zyxel Employee

    If USG1100 runs stably with V4.20(AAPK.2)ITS-WKk02-r75831 for a long period, we suggest you not do firmware upgrade now. Please wait for the next official version 4.33 which will be released in late December. 
  • Veronesi
    Veronesi Posts: 24  Freshman Member
    Thank you! 
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