Zyxel nwd6602 5g do not apper using android 5g acces point

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The access point does not appear using nwd6602 and android mobile with a wpa3 and 5g access point. It only appears when I use the 2.4g network

I have tried with the latest drivers and it does not appear either

Appers and can conect with other android phone also in laptop with intel ax 9260

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    The latest firmware is on this page

    What is the OS of the laptop you used? It only supports up to Win 10.

    How about using wpa2, could the device recognize it?

  • There is no firmware, just drivers. (try few versions and no one works)

    Using w10 pro x64 on a pc with all the updates 22H2.

    The laptos i use for see the android 5g ap with w10 home 22H2. The card is with a chipset intel ax 9260 (not the zyxel usb)

    Using wpa2 doesn't show up either

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